Economic valuations of the environmental resources provided by the waterways of South East Queensland are required for the evaluation of proposed environmental management strategies. Due to time and funding constraints it is unlikely that the environmental resources for each tributary of the river system will be subject to individual and explicit valuation. This paper reviews the literature about the validity of environmental benefit transfer, identifying the protocol for undertaking such a study. It then describes a study designed to transfer the estimated value of water quality improvements for the Bremer River to other waterways in South East Queensland. The study addresses some of the shortcomings of stated preference techniques to value the environment, including improving the quality of the information provided to survey respondents and the reliability of their responses by adopting a citizens' jury approach to the valuation exercise. In addition, the study is expected to provide the results in a form that will facilitate the estimation of a demand function for water quality improvements that will be meaningful for environmental value transfer to other sites with similar water quality issues.

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