The Urban Water Resources Research Council of the American Society of Civil Engineers, under a cooperative agreement with the US Environmental Protection Agency, released Version 1.0 of the National Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP) Database to the stormwater management community in 1999. The product included a loaded database of 71 BMPs, as well as data entry software for standardized reporting of BMP test data. In conjunction with the database, the project team developed BMP performance evaluation protocols and applied them to the data contained in the initial database. Since the initial database release, 42 new BMP data sets have been added to the database, which is now accessible via the Internet at along with associated data evaluation reports and other project documentation. A national stormwater BMP data clearinghouse continues to screen and post new BMP data to the database, as well as respond to inquiries from the public. An overview of both of the database software and results of the data evaluation are provided in this paper.

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