Earlier Symposia stressed the importance of both a radical shift in thinking and of a radically improved governance. This is not possible without cross-sectoral bridge building through dialogue – the theme of this year's Symposium. The ongoing globalization is strong and complex with three main categories of country responses: integration into the world economy, marginalization, or a mix of both. Since water is a key element to achieve poverty eradication, health, nutrition and ecological service protection, i.e. for socio-economic development, it is imperative that water be entered into the political agenda and given adequate status in society and among politicians. The particular danger of the water pollution crisis already in progress, clearly illustrated from both India and China, was further visualized by a dynamic world model experiment, showing devastating consequences in the 2040s that would influence both food production and population. The Symposium dialogue indicated however that there are options for actions. It is time to move on and make sure that water security becomes a reality for our children and grandchildren.

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