OGAR® is an industrial process control system that utilises on-line redox measurements to control the aeration sequence in an activated sludge process. Compared to conventional process control systems that use dissolved oxygen, OGAR® makes use of redox as a control parameter during both aerobic and anoxic conditions. This paper reports on its first application in a sequencing batch reactor. The principal aim of this project is to demonstrate the capability of OGAR® to achieve concentrations of total nitrogen in the treated effluent of less than 10 mg/L, which are typically stipulated by Queensland's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In this study the use of the control system resulted in the following SBR performance: consistent effluent total nitrogen less than 5.0 mg/L; ammonia concentration reduced from 31.6 mg/L to 0.32 mg/L, effluent nitrate 2.8 mg/L; DO setpoint 1.5 mg/L had 10% higher effluent total nitrogen compared to DO setpoint 4.0 mg/L and redox end-points for nitrification 400 mV, denitrification 150 mV.

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