A pilot-scale study of membrane bioreactor treatment for reclamation of wastewater from Berendsen Textile Service industrial laundry in Søborg, Denmark was carried out over a 4 month period. A satisfactory COD degradation was performed resulting in a low COD in the permeate (<50 mg/l). To obtain satisfactory treatment, addition of nitrogen was necessary. The biodegradability of the permeate was very low (BOD5<2 mg/l). A hydraulic retention time of 1 d turned out to be sufficient at a sludge concentration of 10 g MLSS/l. Through addition of a cationic polymer, a satisfactory dewaterability of the sludge was reached. Membrane tests showed that operating at a trans-membrane pressure of 3 bar and a cross-flow velocity of 4 m/s, a flux of 120 l/m2h can be expected without using chemicals for membrane cleaning. The quality of the permeate was very good when comparing to the reuse quality demands of water to the wash processes. Reuse of the permeate in all rinsing steps requires additional treatment through reverse osmosis.

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