It is our opinon that the new scientific thinking and education in the 21st century will increase the significance of the multidisciplinary nature knowledge. The nature of the marine sediments as well as the biochemical features of the littoral organisms appear to be in close relation to the geochemical impact of the coastal onshore. The biogeochemical analysis of the terrestrial and marine biocenosis is still fragmental, without balance between the casual and sequential relationships. Along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast the latter necessitates the geological pattern clarification of the areas south of Bourgas. Even a superficial overview of the geological features of the region highlights the impact of the geochemical anomalies related to Rosen and Zidarovo volcanic apparatuses and intrusions, other ore deposits south and south-west as well. However, the intensive anthropogenic impact on the geochemical haloes should be pointed out in the complex of ecological damage to the coast. Through complementary geoecological studies a significant updating of the knowledge is suggested. The geoecological mapping is needed to present the ratio of the lands saturated with geonoxes, and anthropogenically polluted ones. The new methodology recommended was applied to make the distinction of such lands in the regions of Pirdop and Kardjali. Another key element appears to be the ecologicalÐeconomic characteristics in the offshore-onshore balance. The marine resources will be studied in the alternative context: benefit-damage from the onshore polluters, and the biogeochemical characteristics of the littoral zone. The coastal areas environmental status should make a distinction between the environmentally undamaged, environmentally damaged by nature, anthropogenically damaged and complex damaged lands. Each ecological study or analysis presenting the ecological condition of the environment in a status quo (at a certain moment and at a certain location) is described in this work as a Status Geoecological System. For environmental management and protection of the Black Sea we refer to an indispensable Data File representing the Dynamic Geoecological System.

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