The sorption and catalytic oxidation of model compounds (pCBA and phenanthrene) and NOM on FeOOH were investigated using hydrogen peroxide and ozone, respectively. After oxidation with ozone, the hydrophobic, transphilic, and hydrophilic NOM fractions were isolated using XAD-8 and -4 resins to analyze the reaction characteristics. The sorption of pCBA was strongly dependent upon the pH, but phenanthrene exhibited a sorption behavior that was independent of the pH. In the case of NOM, the hydrophobic portion showed higher sorption affinity than hydrophilic and transphilic at pH 7.2. The concentrations of model compounds and oxidants were measured during the oxidations and the efficiency was compared for tests done with ozone alone and those using catalytic ozonation. Through the comparison of the sorption and decomposition of the model compounds, along with the effects of bicarbonate addition, mechanisms for catalytic oxidation with hydrogen peroxide or ozone were proposed, respectively.

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