A double chamber bed (DCB) was developed in China in 1980 and has been utilised in more than 500 setups. This paper introduces the structure and operation features of DCB, and also the unique structure of DCB leads to its perfect operation features. It can be also considered as the best option in reconstruction projects which can replace other types of ion exchangers, such as fixed bed, double cell fluidized-bed, multi-bed. Four reconstruction project cases were introduced, which were selected from more than twenty plants designed by us. Through the case study, it is concluded that DCB can not only be used to treat different sources of water (river and well), but can also be used to treat water with the ratio of transient hardness to total cation to be less than 0.5 and the ratio of strong to weak anion to be more than 7.0. These findings enlarge the scope of application of DCB.

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