The kinetic study of a microbial system requires the determination of kinetic parameters under a set of operating variables. Previous researchers indicated that initial conditions, such as So/Xo and So/Ks, may influence the reliability of the parameter estimation. However, little study has been done to identify the sensitivity of system variables to the parameter estimation. This study proposes a novel dimensional analysis and identifies six dimensionless groups: μm/fw, kd/fw, Yg, So/Ks, Ks/So, and 1/(fwθc - 1). By incorporating the SP-moving algorithm proposed by Wu and coworkers in 2001, an algorithm was proposed in this study to perform a sensitivity analysis on the six dimensionless groups. Results of this analysis reveal that So/Xo is more sensitive than So/Ks, as also evidenced by the fact that gross growth yield (Yg) is sensitive and affecting So/Xo. The analysis also suggests that the θc-based wasting frequency (fwθc) is more sensitive than the daily wasting frequency (fw). A critical minimum value of 1.3 for So/Xo and a maximum value of 0.1 for So/Ks were suggested to establish the testing criteria for the kinetic study under the respirometric conditions.

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