The urban drainage cycle is a very complex system with many interacting processes. Models are a great help to test different scenarios and improve the understanding of this system. At present, good models exist for the hydrodynamics of the sewer systems, for the biological conversions in the wastewater treatment plant (ASM 1 to 3) and for the receiving water (RWQM1). However, the traditional transport and conversion models for the sewer system are incompatible with the ASM definitions, making it difficult to link the models to come an integral and unified urban drainage model.

In this work, a new sewer system model that is based on ASM3 has been coupled to an advanced nutrient removal model for the wastewater treatment plant. As both models are based on ASM3, they are unified in their definitions of the state variables and processes. This new combination has been used to test different scenarios and to test the influence of the sewer system on the treatment plant.

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