National goals regarding sustainable development from the Swedish government were decisive in the planning process when the newly built city district Western Harbour was established in the city of Malmö, Sweden. A systems analysis was used as a tool for evaluating different collection and treatment systems. This type of analysis does not include more subjective factors such as acceptance of organic fertilisers based on human waste and user acceptance of collection schemes. These aspects, however, will often determine the success of a technical solution. When the system for collection and treatment of solid organic waste and wastewater was designed, both subjective and objective factors were considered. This meant that a centralised solution for wastewater treatment was selected. In order to facilitate a more sustainable solution for sludge management a treatment process with recovery of phosphorus will have to be introduced. Organic waste is sorted out and treated in an anaerobic digestion process. Source sorting of solid organic waste has been difficult to implement in Sweden due to inadequate sorting discipline. As a consequence two relatively new systems are tested in the area. A comprehensive evaluation will be carried out during a period of two years.

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