The use of vortex concentrators is becoming increasingly popular for suspended solids reduction in combined sewer overflows and stormwater. This study is a laboratory investigation of the use of vortex concentrators to reduce the solids concentration of synthesized stormwater. The synthesized stormwater was made with water and addition of particles; sand, granular activated carbon, and sewer sediments. The vortex concentrator was made of acryl resin 300 mm in diameter. To determine the efficiency for various influent suspended solids (SS) concentrations, tests were performed with different SS concentrations. The samples were taken simultaneously at the influent storage tank and effluent tank, and measured SS concentrations. The range of surface loading rates were 120 to 850 m3/m2/day, and influent SS concentrations were varied from 300 to 5,000 mg/L. To determine the optimum coagulant dosage, jar tests were conducted with coagulants such as PAM and PAC. It was found that optimum coagulant and its dosage were PAM and 2 mg/L. The overall SS removal efficiency of the vortex concentrator for typical stormwater was estimated at about 65%. With an increase of SS concentration, the removal efficiency was increased. Since the SS concentration of stormwater was higher than 1,000 mg/L, the removal efficiency of the vortex concentrator for stormwater could be estimated to be 65-70%. The SS removal efficiency was increased with an increase of retention time, and the optimum retention time was 0.15-1.0 minutes. With an increase of the foul to overflow QF/Qo, a key parameter for vortex concentrator operation, the removal efficiency was increased. An alternative solution to improve treatment efficiency might be to set a follow-up retention basin. Based on a series of settling tests on the treated overflow water from the vortex concentrator, 5 to 10 minutes hydraulic retention time in a follow-up retention basin would substantially improve the results.

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