The new European standard project for performance evaluation of on-site systems (prEN 12566-3) provides a test procedure at user sites for individual on-site wastewater treatment. For each system, two plants of the same size have to be tested, one operating at 50% and the second one with a load greater than 75% of the nominal capacity. The test duration is one year and several stress tests are included in the program (holidays, bath water discharge and power breakdown). Flow based composite 24 h samples, on the influent and the effluent have to be used, with 30 day intervals for influent and 15 days for effluent. On each sample, the following measurements have to be done: BOD5 or COD, suspended solids, temperature, power consumption, daily flow. It appears that very few systems have been reported in the literature to follow up such facilities, especially describing how to sample at the inlet of on-site individual equipment. In order to obtain representative samples at the inlet and at the outlet of those on-site treatment systems, we have designed an original mobile sampler system. The whole system ensures the flow measurement and flow based sampling as well. In this paper, we present the different parts of the sampling system (pump, flowmeters, …), its validation and the results obtained at 5 user sites during the first 9 month period. Preliminary results are very interesting because they clearly demonstrate the need for an efficient on-site control of those user sites and for better legislation in this domain.

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