In this study, joint operation of several small wastewater treatment plants (SWWTPs) by the same operation company is proposed to avoid operational problems such as unqualified personnel, inadequate maintenance and laboratory services. Some case studies from Antalya province of Turkey are presented. Several SWWTPs are operated by the companies formed with the proportional shares of the owners such as ALTAS and TURAS. The performance data of the five treatment plants operated by ALTAS and two treatment plants operated by TURAS are presented. The status of wastewater treatment with emphasis on the small sized plants is also presented and evaluated. The percentage of small settlements served with sewer and wastewater treatment facilities is very low (3%) indicating that high volumes of investment are needed to increase the level of service to those of the developed countries. At present, the total number of the treatment plants in Antalya region is 409 with capacities ranging from 73 to 175 m3d-1. Package activated sludge type SWWPs built especially in the coastal regions meet the local effluent standards.

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