Landfills and dumps are important sources of atmospheric methane. There is no generally accepted estimate of the influence of methane oxidation on landfill methane emissions. The present work aimed to analyse different methods for the investigation of methane emission and oxidation in methane-producing environments (wetlands, landfills, sludge checks), and to develop the precise procedure for the landfills. The combination of geochemical and microbiological methods to estimate and monitor the oxidation and emission of methane in landfills during different seasons is proposed. It includes the measurements, both on the surface and at different depths (up to 1 m) of landfill ground of the following parameters: (1) concentrations of methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen; (2) quantity of 13C isotope in gas samples; (3) methane-oxidation activity of landfill grounds assayed with two different methods: (a) in conditions of no moisture or substrate limitations, and (b) in conditions with a minimal deviation to in situ conditions; (4) the density of methanotrophic microbial population.

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