An anaerobic digester (8 l) was fed with the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and monitored intermittently for two years with on-line near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy and traditional chemical parameters analysed off-line. The dynamics that occurred due to changes in substrate composition (changed C:N ratio) and changes in operating conditions (overloading) could be followed using principal component analysis of the obtained NIR-spectra. In addition, process disturbances such as failed stirring and increased foaming were readily detected by the NIR-spectra. Using PLS regression the propionate concentration could be predicted in the range 0.1-3.6 g/l, RMSEP 0.53 g/l with slope 0.74 and correlation coefficient 0.85. The response on changes in the digester fluid was reproducible and could be detected within 2.5 minutes, which can be considered as real-time monitoring.

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