AQUASIM is a computer program for the identification and simulation of aquatic systems. The program includes a one-dimensional multisubstrate and multispecies biofilm model and represents a suitable tool for biofilm simulation. The program can be used to calculate substrate removal in biofilm reactors for any user specified microbial system. One-dimensional spatial profiles of substrates and microbial species in the biofilm can be predicted. The program also calculates the development of the biofilm thickness and of the substrates and microbial species in the biofilm and in the bulk fluid over time. Detachment and attachment of microbial cells at the biofilm surface and in the biofilm interior can be considered, and simulations of sloughing events can be performed. Furthermore, AQUASIM allows pseudo two-dimensional modeling of plug flow biofilm reactors by a series of biofilm reactor compartments. The most significant limitation of the model is that it only considers spatial gradients of substrates and microbial species in the biofilm in the direction perpendicular to the substratum.

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