There was an observable difference in microbial community structure between suspended microorganisms and membrane biofouling film in intermittently and continuously aerated SMBRs. The dominant quinone type of membrane biofouling film in an intermittently aerated SMBR was ubiquinone (UQs)-8, -10 followed by menaquinone (MKs)-8(H4) and -8(H2). But that of the continuously aerated SMBR was UQs-10, -8 followed by MKs-6 and -8(H4). The experimental results also showed that the conditions of an intermittently aerated SMBR may contribute to biofouling by Pseudomonas, Moraxella, Vibrio (quinone type UQ-8), Staphylococcus warneri (quinone type MK-7), Micrococcus sp. (quinone type MK-8(H2)) and Nocardia sp. (quinone type MK-8(H4)), but biofouling in a continuously aerated SMBR may be due to Paracoccus sp. (quinone type: UQ-10) and Flavobacterium species (quinone type: MK-6). The microbial diversities in the intermittently aerated SMBR were 10.9 and 9.4 for biofouling film and suspended microorganisms, respectively. For the continuously aerated SMBR, the results were 10.4 and 10.5 for biofouling film and suspended microorganisms, respectively.

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