The GIS based decision support system DRIPS - Drainage Spraydrift and Runoff Input of Pesticides in Surface Waters - has been developed to estimate the predicted environmental concentration (PECsw) of pesticides in surface waters resulting from diffuse sources. PECsw can be calculated on a catchment scale by quantifying the expected mean daily inputs of pesticides via surface runoff, tile drainage and spraydrift for various types of river basins characterized by their daily discharges. DRIPS is fitted with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to provide easy access to the model algorithms. Model parameters like dose rate, DT50, Koc and date of pesticides application, etc. can be modified by the user in order to generate customized scenarios predicting PECsw for a choice of field crops, orchards and vineyards. Results are available as grid cell maps for the territory of Germany with high temporal and spatial resolution featuring distinct PECsw values for approximately 400 catchments.

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