Road traffic is a diffuse source of heavy metals and oil that leads to pollution of verges and surface water in areas immediately surrounding roads. The Commission for Integrated Water Management (CIW) has drawn up a policy document addressing methods for managing this type of pollution. The document is based on results from numerous studies in The Netherlands targeting pollution caused by traffic. The Commission concludes that measures at the source are the only way to realise sustainable solutions. For example, attention should be devoted to the issue of zinc emissions from car tyres and crash barriers. The concept of controlled infiltration is recommended for combating pollution caused by spray and runoff from roads. This includes periodic chemical inspection of verge pollution and, where necessary, replacement of the verge's top layer. The application of porous asphalt on highways in The Netherlands has also proven highly effective in limiting pollution caused by traffic, with far less pollution caused by spray from the highway and runoff as compared to traditional asphalt.

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