The feasibility of obtaining and keeping stable nitrite accumulation in Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs) treating domestic wastewater is studied. The final product of ammonium oxidation is either reproducible nitrate or nitrite depending on the aeration strategy. With the aerobic-anoxic sequence, two SBRs fed with domestic wastewater are operated in parallel. One SBR (SBR1) is controlled by the aeration control strategy, and the other SBR (SBR2) by alternate aeration control strategy. Based on the on-line indirect measurements of DO and pH, the relationship between pH (or DO) and nitrogen concentration (NH4+-N, NO3-N and NO2-N) is investigated. The result indicates that pH and DO can be used as control parameters for the real-time aeration control strategy to obtain nitritation in SBR treating domestic wastewater. The result of SBR1 indicates that long-term stable nitritation is possible at 32 ± 1°C. The result of SBR2 indicates that the aeration control strategy is necessary for nitritation during the acclimation period, because the nitrite accumulation disappears when the aeration is extended.

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