The sludge water obtained from the dewatering processes following anaerobic sludge digestion contains high levels of ammonia. This sludge water is generally returned to the beginning of the waste water treatment plant process, thereby significantly increasing the nitrogen load on the biological process. In this project, the start-up of a full-scale sequencing batch reactor (SBR) process to separately treat the aforementioned sludge water is studied. Two parallel SBRs were operated over 8 hour cycles. The duration of the start-up was approximately 100 days until a hydraulic load of 225 m3/d was reached for each SBR. This paper presents the results of the start-up, highlighting the change in nitrogen concentration with time and the effect of other parameters such as temperature and suspended solids in that period. Following the project period of operation, the ammonium concentration was reduced by more than 95% on average.

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