The objective of this project was to develop a laboratory research protocol to evaluate the effect of additives on manure odour and physico-chemical characteristics, and establish conditions that are representative of those found in farm storage structures (temperature, solids content, pH, ventilation above the manure surface, storage period). The results suggested that system configuration might have an impact on additive effect. An open system should be used when it is recommended that additives be applied in the animal diet or the gutters. Additionally, the surface/depth ratio of the gutter should be respected, since it will impact on the relative importance of the aerobic layer and on ammonia volatilization. On the other hand, a closed system should be used when the additive is applied to the manure storage tank, especially if the tank has a cover. Odour analysis still requires fundamental research to establish reliable procedures and protocols, especially in the area sample collection and dilution levels required to decrease H2S concentration to safe levels for the panellists. Odour analysis should also be conducted in triplicate, because of the possible large experimental error due to dilution, the human factors, and also instrumental error.

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