Nitrogen removal involving nitrification and denitrification was investigated in a fluidized bed bioreactor by using mixed culture sludge under oxygen-limited conditions. Methane was used as a sole carbon source for denitrification. In this study, optimal nitrification and denitrification rates were examined by varying methane and oxygen gas dissolution flow rates, 90 ml/min, 400 ml/min and 650 ml/min, in each. Simultaneously nitrification and denitrification was achieved. The total nitrogen removal rate was 15-mg N/g VSS. d, 21-mg N/g VSS. d and 26.4-mg N/g VSS. d at gas dissolution flow rate 90 ml/min, 400 ml/min and 650 ml/min, respectively. No significant accumulation of nitrite was found in this experiment. Nitrogen removal rates depend on gas dissolution flow rates. DO concentration was at 0.5Ð2 mg/L.

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