Better controlling and optimising the plant's processes has become a priority for WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant) managers. The main objective of this project is to develop a simplified mathematical tool able to reproduce and anticipate the behaviour of the Tougas WWTP (Nantes, France). This tool is aimed to be used directly by the managers of the site. The mathematical WWTP model was created using the software WEST®. This paper describes the studied site and the modelling results obtained during the stage of the model calibration and validation. The good simulation results have allowed to show that despite a first very simple description of the WWTP, the model was able to correctly predict the nitrogen composition (ammonia and nitrate) of the effluent and the daily sludge extraction. Then, a second more detailed configuration of the WWTP was implemented. It has allowed to independently study the behaviour of each of four biological trains. Once this first stage will be completely achieved, the remainder of the study will focus on the operational use of a simplified simulator with the purpose of optimising the Tougas WWTP operation.

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