The Main Treatment Plant of Vienna is in extension for 4 million p.e. and very stringent nutrient removal requirements. The existing high rate BOD removal activated sludge plant (in operation since 1980) is extended by a second stage activated sludge plant and a newly developed flow scheme for nitrogen removal optimisation adaptable to the temperature variations over the year. For this plant pilot investigations have been performed for the development of a specific mathematical model (ASMV) and a specific aeration control strategy. The civil work of the extension is already finished and the installation of the equipment has started. Operation should start in 2004. The whole project will cost about €264 million of which about one half is for civil work. The effluent standards correspond to the requirements for sensitive areas in EU Directive for Municipal Waste Water. The raw primary and excess sludge are incinerated after thickening and dewatering. This paper tries to condense the already existing literature with the construction progress and the cost situation.

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