In this research, nano-composites are added to sewage sludge ash to create a mixture, which then replaces part of cement. Nano-composites are manufactured from pure quartzose sand. The influences of different amounts of nano-composites and sludge ash on mortar are evaluated. Cement, sludge ash (0%, 10%, and 20%), and nano-composites (0%, 0.5%, 1%, 2%, and 3%), which defined as the percent weight of cement and sludge ash, are mixed together in batches to make mortar specimens. Results show that the flowability of sludge ash mortar reduces with increasing amount of cement replaced and of nano-composites added. The compressive strength of mortar lowers when more amounts of cement are replaced by sludge ash, but increases with more quantity of nano-composites added. Moreover, the study shows that nano-composites can fortify the compressive strength of mortar. With the help of efficiency of compressive strength, nano-composites benefit most to the mortar with replacement of 10% sludge ash, followed by the substitution of 20% and 0%.

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