The main concern of this paper was to predict the sludge quantities generated from 18 wastewater treatment plants, which were stated to be established in the “Istanbul Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage, Sewage Treatment and Disposal Master Plan”, 10 of which are in operation at present. Besides this, obtaining the required data to compare various treatment schemes was another goal of the study. Especially, the estimation of the sludge quantity in the case of enhanced primary sedimentation was of importance. Wastewater sludge management strategies were discussed in order to develop suggestions for Istanbul Metropolitan city. Within this context, the wastewater treatment facilities, mentioned in the Master Plan that had been completed by 2000, were evaluated in terms of sludge production rates, locations and technical and management aspects. Disposal alternatives of the wastewater treatment sludge were also evaluated in this study. Using of the dewatered sludge as a landfill cover material seems the best alternative usage. Up to the year of 2040, the requirement of cover material for landfills in İstanbul will be met by the dewatered sludge originated from wastewater treatment plants in the region.

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