EC member states and candidate countries are in the process of implementing the requirements of the EC Water Framework Directive 2000/60,[Q1] which came into force on 22 December 2000. At the core of the Directive is an integrated approach for sustainable water management in river basin districts. The overall objective is to reach good water status for all waters by the year 2015. The challenges for countries implementing the Directive are substantial not least for the River Basin Management Authorities who will be the implementing unit at the regional level. The Black Sea River Basin Directorate in Varna is one of four Directorates established in Bulgaria in 2002 in accordance with the Bulgarian Water Act and is the regional operational unit under the Ministry of Environment and Water for the Black Sea Basin catchment area. The catchment area covers 20% of Bulgaria and 100% of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Current implementation activities in the Black Sea Basin Directorate and also at the national level are supported by the Danish EPA through its DANCEE programme in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Water. This paper highlights the main activities and outputs of the technical and institutional undertakings in the Black Sea Basin Directorate focusing on the preparation of the River Basin Overview by Dec. 2004.

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