The Mèze stabilisation pond system has been monitored over more than 20 years. Despite the enlargement of the plant, the organic load doubled between the early 1980s and recent years, the removal of organic matter and nutrients has been maintained at the same level for COD and increased for BOD5, N and P. Combining anaerobic, step-fed aerated and maturation ponds and multiplying the number of cells resulted in a significant improvement in the performances of the plant. Respectively 34, 24 and 23% of the applied COD was eliminated in the anaerobic, the step-fed and the first three maturation ponds, while the figures for BOD5 were 47, 26, and 19% respectively. 38% of the applied nitrogen was eliminated in the first three maturation ponds. Nitrification and denitrification seem to be a major process of nitrogen removal in warm periods. Most of the phosphorus removal was observed to take place in the two polishing ponds.

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