Two additives (lyophilized bacilli and enzymes) and a solution of micronutrients (Fe, Co, Ni and Mo) were tried separately and in combination, in order to assess their effect on the anaerobic digestion of waste sludge from an enhanced primary treatment (EPT) of municipal wastewater. Three batch tests were carried out in serological bottles. In the first test, addition of bacilli increased production of methane from day 11 and at day 17 the production was 95% greater than the control. In that experiment, the concentration of volatile fatty acids (VFAs) was 1,391 mg/L, 40% lower than the control. In the second test, the combination of micronutrients with bacilli, reached from the first days a better methane production than the control, 167% higher in day 17. At the end of the experiment, this combination achieved a lower concentration of VFAs and a greater percentage of volatile solid removal than the rest of the treatments. The third test was based on an experimental design in order to statistically determine the best doses of bacilli additive and micronutrients. The anaerobic thermophilic digestion of sludge from aluminium sulfate EPT will be improved with the addition of Fe: 4.5 mg/g VS, Ni: 0.75 mg/g VS, Co: 0.45 mg/g VS, Mo: 0.09 mg/g VS and bacilli additive: 12 mg/g VS.

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