An application of hydrothermal reaction was investigated to reuse excess sludge as carbon sources for enhancement of biological phosphorus removal. Under the tested conditions, solubilization of treated excess sludge did not present much variation, sustaining around 65%, except the results obtained at 400°C. Biodegradability of excess sludge was improved through its content change by the reaction, without much reduction of carbon contents even in 7min. From the results of respirometric test, readily biodegradable substrate was found at 300°C. Then its portion of reaction products increased with increasing reaction temperature. In the readily biodegradable substrate, acetic and propionic acid, which are useful carbon sources for phosphorus accumulating microorganism under anaerobic condition, increased with increasing reaction temperature. Hydrothermal reaction might be accepted as suitable pretreatment method to treat excess sludge prior to biological treatment process. This technology also secures excess sludge reuse, enhancing biological phosphorus removal and improvement of biological treatment process.

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