In order to meet increasingly stringent discharge standards, new applications and control strategies for the sustainable removal of nitrogen from wastewater have to be implemented. In the past years, numerous studies have been carried out dealing with the application of fuzzy logic to improve the control of the activated sludge process. In this paper, fuzzy control strategies of predenitrification systems are presented that could lead to better effluent quality and, in parallel, to a reduction of chemicals consumption. Extensive experimental investigations on lab scale plant studies have shown that there was excellent correlation between nitrate concentration and ORP value at the end of the anoxic zone. Results indicated that ORP could be used as an on-line fuzzy control parameter of nitrate recirculation and external carbon addition. The optimal value of ORP to control nitrate recirculation and external carbon addition was −86±2mV and −90±2mV, respectively. The results obtained with real wastewater also showed the good performance and stability of the fuzzy controllers independently from external disturbances. The integrated control structure of nitrate recirculation and external carbon addition in the predenitrification system is also presented.

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