The European research project in the EUREKA framework, RisUrSim is presented with its overall objective to develop an integrated planning tool to allow cost effective management for urban drainage systems. The project consortium consisted of industrial mathematics and water engineering research institutes, municipal drainage works as well as an insurance company. The paper relates to the regulatory background of European Standard EN 752 and the need of a more detailed methodology to simulate urban flooding. The analysis of urban flooding caused by surcharged sewers in urban drainage systems leads to the necessity of a dual drainage modeling. A detailed dual drainage simulation model is described based upon hydraulic flow routing procedures for surface flow and pipe flow. Special consideration is given to the interaction between surface and sewer flow during surcharge conditions in order to most accurately compute water levels above ground as a basis for further assessments of possible damage costs. The model application is presented for a small case study in terms of data needs, model verification and first simulation results.

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