A simple interface between simulation programs and systems analytical software is proposed. This interface is designed to facilitate linkage of environmental simulation programs with systems analytical software and thus can contribute to remedying the deficiency in applying systems analytical techniques to environmental modelling studies. The proposed concept, consisting of a text file interface combined with a batch mode simulation program call, is independent of model structure, operating system and programming language. It is open for implementation by academic and commercial simulation and systems analytical software developers and is very simple to implement. Its practicability is demonstrated by implementations for three environmental simulation packages (AQUASIM, SWAT and LEACHM) and two systems analytical program packages (UNCSIM, SUFI). The properties listed above and the demonstration of the ease of implementation of the approach are prerequisites for the stimulation of a widespread implementation of the proposed interface that would be beneficial for the dissemination of systems analytical techniques in the environmental and engineering sciences. Furthermore, such a development could stimulate the transfer of systems analytical techniques between different fields of application.

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