The behaviour of heavy metals was investigated at 22 wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). In addition, the survey of heavy metal balance was conducted in detail at one WWTP. For the measurement, 22 types of heavy metals were selected from the chemical materials of pollutant release and transfer register (PRTR). There were some heavy metals, which were detected not in wastewater but in dewatered sludge. By means of the detailed survey at one WWTP, 60 to 80% of some heavy metals, such as B, Mn, Co, Ni and Mo, were discharged with treated water. According to the results of PRTR, Zn, B and Mn accounted for a large part of the discharge into the water course. To estimate the behaviour of heavy metals in the environment, leaching tests were applied to the products made of biosolids. During a series of leaching tests for building materials, it was observed that the concentration of heavy metals was very small, but the ratio of increase keeps a constant value. Therefore, it was considered that the acid extractable contents of heavy metal would be important.

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