A full-cyclic automatic control strategy for sequencing batch reactors (SBR) was proposed using only common sensors such as ORP, DO and pH. The main objective was to develop a generally applicable and robust control strategy. To accomplish this, various control schemes found in the literature or suggested by authors were examined at diverse ammonia loads and SCOD/NH4+-N ratios. Advantages and constraints of each scheme were discussed and compared. Ammonia load was estimated with DO lag time during the aerobic stage, and then the influent pump was manipulated to meet the desired load at the next anoxic stage. A partial denitrification scheme was chosen for the anoxic stage period control, to save anoxic time and external carbon. For external carbon dosage control, intermittent feeding at each anoxic stage was concluded to be a suitable scheme. The anoxic stage period could be successfully controlled by the combination of pH increase and DO increase. Every suggested control scheme was incorporated into a full-cyclic control strategy and tested at 0.02, 0.035, 0.08 kg NH4+-N/m3/sub-cycle. From the results, it is expected to perform unmanned automatic SBR operation with this strategy.

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