The importance of a detection technique to prevent process deterioration is increasing. For the fast detection of this disturbance, a diagnostic algorithm was developed to determine types of equipment faults by using on-line ORP and DO profile in sequencing batch reactors (SBRs). To develop the rule base for fault diagnosis, the sensor profiles were obtained from a pilot-scale SBR when blower, influent pump and mixer were broken. The rules were generated based on the calculated error between an abnormal profile and a normal profile, eORP(t) and eDO(t). To provide intermediate diagnostic results between “normal” and “fault”, a fuzzy inference algorithm was incorporated to the rules. Fuzzified rules could present the diagnosis result “need to be checked”. The diagnosis showed good performance in detecting and diagnosing various faults. The developed algorithm showed its applicability to detect faults and make possible fast action to correct them.

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