Fully autotrophic nitrogen removal processes, such as the combined SHARON-Anammox process, help to improve the sustainability of wastewater treatment. Successful operation of such a completely autotrophic system is, among others, based on the strict control of the SHARON reactor in order to produce an Anammox-suited influent with a 1:1 ammonium:nitrite ratio. The high quality and high frequency measurements provided by a titrimetric set-up measuring the total ammonium (TAN) and total nitrite (TNO2) concentrations facilitate this control considerably. In this study, the use of a titrimetric set-up for monitoring the combined SHARON-Anammox process is investigated. The technique that interprets on-line collected titration curves was applied to a lab-scale system. Comparison with classic colorimetric results gave statistically indistinguishable results for TAN and TNO2 concentrations in the SHARON reactor. In the Anammox reactor, only TAN could be determined by the investigated method due to the very low TNO2 concentrations. Phosphate, a potential inhibitor of the Anammox process, is available as an additional measurement in the effluent of the SHARON reactor. Three measurements are thus combined in one single instrument. The proposed measuring technique holds different advantages over the other TAN and TNO2 measurement techniques such as on-site availability, easy automation, the absence of the need for high dilutions and cost reduction.

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