Sludge disintegration treatment by using simultaneously ultrasonic irradiation and electrolysis was investigated experimentally. A lab-scale diaphragm cell irradiated with ultrasound at a constant oscillating frequency of 20 kHz was used as a reactor. The batch experiments were carried out under different conditions of electric outputs of the ultrasonic generator, electric current for the electrolysis and different initial SS concentrations. A simultaneous treatment in the cathodic compartment without any chemical doses considerably facilitated the sludge solubilization, compared to the sonication alone. An increase in the electric current up to 400 mA under a constant ultrasonic density decreased the specific energy by 55% within the experimental range. The specific energy consumption was also reduced when the initial SS concentration increased. In addition, before carrying out the simultaneous treatment, a brief electrolysis was effective for further reduction of the specific energy and the acceleration of soluble COD generation.

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