The paper presents the results of two full-scale applications of the anaerobic co-digestion process of waste activated sludge together with the organic fraction of municipal solid wastes. The experiences were carried out at Viareggio and Treviso wastewater treatment plants (Italy). In the first plant, 3 tons per day of source sorted OFMSW were co-digested with waste activated sludge, increasing the organic loading rate from 1.0 to 1.2 kgTVS/m3d. This determined a 50% increase in biogas production. At Treviso WWTP, which has been working for 2 years, some 10 tons per day of separately collected OFMSW are treated using a low-energy consumption sorting line, which allows the removal of 99% and 90% of metals and plastics respectively. In these conditions, the biogas yield increased from 3,500 up to 17,500 m3/month. Industrial costs were evaluated less than 50 € per ton of organic waste, while the payback time was calculated as two years.

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