The use of zero-valent iron for treating wastewaters containing RDX and perchlorate from an army ammunition plant (AAP) in the USA at elevated temperatures and moderately elevated temperature with chemical addition was evaluated through batch and column experiments. RDX in the wastewater was completely removed in an iron column after 6.4 minutes Increasing the temperature to 75 °C decreased the required retention time to 2.1 minutes for complete RDX removal. Perchlorate in the wastewater was completely removed by iron at an elevated temperature of 150 °C in batch reactors in 6 hours without pH control. Significant reduction of perchlorate by zero-valent iron was also achieved at a more moderate temperature (75 °C) through use of a 0.2 M acetate buffer. Based on the evaluation results, we propose two innovative processes for treating RDX-containing and perchlorate-containing wastewaters: a temperature and pressure-controlled batch iron reactor and subsequent oxidation by existing industrial wastewater treatment plant; and reduction by consecutive iron columns with heating and acid addition capabilities and subsequent oxidation.

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