It is an essential task to remove the residual organic pollutants (ROP) from secondary effluent of a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in wastewater reclamation and reuse processes. Four different compared flow schemes would be achieved for further purification of the secondary effluent by switching of different valves. In order to mainly remove non-biodegradable residual organic pollutants under various operating conditions, the optimum technology and economic process was obtained in the advanced purification flow scheme at a flow of 3200 m3/d in Harbin Wenchang WWTP. Conclusions under a lot of experiments show that: choosing the coagulation-settler plus biofilm filter for advanced purification process is reasonable; during the stable operation phase, this process showed good performance in removing the COD, BOD5, TP, NH3-N and SS; the removal rates are 50%, 39%, 67%, 50%, 80% respectively. The effluent is able to excel the requirements for wastewater reuse standards. The unit cost of the water is 0.542 yuan/m3, which is far below the fee paid for supply water, long-distance transfer water or seawater desalination through economic analysis.

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