We studied user behavior and acceptance of NoMix toilets by collecting 271 questionnaires from young adults. We discriminated between short- and long-term users (months of habituation). Most respondents noticed that the NoMix toilet is different. Nevertheless, the existing NoMix technology was well accepted regarding design, hygiene and smell in this institutional setting. Only few respondents changed their sitting or flushing behavior. The necessity to sit when urinating might be slightly problematic (62% sit), but it seems possible that people adopt this new behavior required by the NoMix toilet. General acceptance of the NoMix toilet was high: 70% of respondents found the idea convincing – many for environmental reasons – 87% were willing to move into an apartment with a NoMix toilet, and 20% would pay substantially more for a NoMix toilet. We informed about the NoMix toilet with instructions for use in the toilet cabin, an information poster, and an information leaflet that we distributed after questioning. Our information was noted by most respondents and significantly increased the knowledge about and the acceptance of the NoMix toilet. We recommend that future pilot projects with NoMix toilets consider a well devised information policy to support decision making and acceptance of this new technology.

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