Anaerobic on-site treatment of black water (BW) and a mixture of black water and kitchen waste (BWKW) was studied in a two-phased upflow anaerobic sludge blanket septic tank (UASBst) at 10–20 °C. The processes were fed either continuously or discontinuously (twice per weekday). Moreover, BWKW was post-treated for nitrogen removal in an intermittently aerated moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) at 20 °C. Removal of total chemical oxygen demand (CODt) was efficient at minimum 90% with all three UASBst at all temperatures. Removal of dissolved COD (CODdis) was also high at approx. 70% with continuously fed BW and discontinuously fed BWKW, while with discontinuous BW feeding it was 20%. Temperature decrease had little effect on COD removals, though the need for phase 2 increased with decreasing temperature, especially with BWKW. Post-treatment of BWKW in MBBR resulted in approx. 50% nitrogen removal, but suffered from lack of carbon for denitrification. With carbon addition, removal of ca. 83% was achieved.

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