Wastewater characterization as required for implementation in ADM1 is based on the identification of the numerous concentrations of the specific compounds defined in ADM1. However, identification of the individual substrate concentrations requires specific analytical techniques and in most cases only general measurements like COD, TOC, and organic nitrogen are available. This paper describes a simple method for calculation of the lumped elemental composition of the organic substrates in the wastewater from a limited number of widely available analyses. Using the elemental composition of the lumped substrate and the elemental composition of the substrates defined in the model, the influent composition as required for input in ADM1 can be calculated. Furthermore, proper waste characterization allows for an initial analysis of the biogas flow rate and composition as well as the reactor pH that can be achieved upon organic substrate degradation, as will be demonstrated. It is hoped that the methods described in this paper will stimulate and simplify future application of ADM1.

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