Anaerobic digestion model no.1 (ADM1) was used for tuning and performance analysis of the multi-model observer based estimator (mmOBE). The mmOBE was based on the variable structure model (VSM) of the anaerobic digestion model, which consists of several local submodels, each of which describes a typical process state. Depending on the hydraulic retention time, ADM1 simulated the methanogenic, organic overload, and acidogenic states of the process. These simulations allowed for optimising tunable parameters of the mmOBE. Owing to relatively slow process dynamics, a data acquisition interval as large as one day was sufficient to obtain acceptable accuracy. The simulations of mmOBE performance showed excellent rate of mmOBE convergence to ADM1 outputs. Moreover, mmOBE successfully estimated key kinetic parameters, such as maximal transformation rates of CODs, VFAs, and methane. These estimations can be used in the development of the advanced knowledge-based process system, which uses both available measurements and estimations of key kinetic parameters for extended diagnosis of failures and process trend analysis.

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