The combined ADEPT (Anaerobic Digestion Elutriated Phased Treatment)- SHARON (Single reactor system High Ammonium Removal Over Nitrite) – ANAMMOX (Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation) processes were operated for the purpose of resource recovery and nitrogen removal from slurry-type piggery waste. The ADEPT operated at acidogenic loading rates of 3.95 gSCOD/L-day, the SCOD elutriation rate and acid production rate were 5.3 gSCOD/L-day and 3.3 gVFAs(as COD)/L-day, respectively. VS reduction and SCOD reduction by hydrolysis were 13% and 0.19 gSCODprod./gVSfeeding, respectively. Also, the acid production rate was 0.80 gVFAs/gSCODproduction. In the methanogenic reactor, the gas production rate and methane content were 2.8 L/day (0.3 m3CH4/kgCODremoval@STP) and 77%, respectively. With these operating condition, the removal of nitrogen and phosphorus were 94.1% as NH4-N (86.5% as TKN) and 87.3% as T-P, respectively.

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