This study was designed to investigate the fundamental aspects of a possible removal of phosphorous from wastewater by using the mesoporous structure materials for wastewater reuse. The zirconium sulphate with mesoporous structure as a new type of ion exchangers was synthesised by hydrothermal reaction. From the results of X-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscope, it was discovered that the synthesised material had hexagonal mesoporous structure with a pore size of approximately 40–50Å. Experimental results showed that the zirconium sulphate with mesoporous structure had very high sorption capacity for the phosphorus. The novel ion exchange occurred between PO43− and SO42−, OH. The amount of phosphate ions exchanged into the solid was as great as 3.4 mmol/g-ZS. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain a higher removal efficiency than other ion exchange media and adsorbents.

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