The filtration characteristics of two different module configurations with coarse pore filter (non-woven fabric) were investigated for sludge floc separation in an activated sludge reactor for domestic wastewater reclamation. A polypropylene non-woven fabric filter (35 g/m2) was used for the two different module configurations, one flat and one tubular type, each with a filtration area of 0.052 m2. The different module types, submerged in the oxic compartment of A/O (anaerobic/oxic) type reactors, were operated simultaneously. The filtration fluxes were gradually increased from 0.5 to 1.2 and 1.73 m/d. The filtration pressures were more stably maintained for the tubular type module than the plate type. The tubular type module installed horizontally with two-side suction showed less filtration pressures than the tubular type module installed vertically with one-side suction. The solid separation was significantly high showing less than 5 mg/L effluent solids. The organic and T-N removal efficiencies were around 95 and 50%, respectively. The 85% removal of T-P was achieved with 20 mg/L injection of PAC (poly-aluminum chloride).

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